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Some Accomplished Projects

Environmental Projects

Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Improved Petroleum Recovery Group (IPR), and DEKONTA, Egypt

EBRD contracted a consortium consisted of headed by DEKONTA including ELARD and AMEASTER for implementation of the project of “Egypt: IPR Development Facility - Assistance with ESAP Implementation - Environmental and Social Advisors. The project objectives include to; (a) expedite the implementation of the previously agreed ESAP (b) foster required management activities and investments required to achieve a full compliance with EBRD Environmental and Social Performance Requirements, and (c) provide regular independent and objective assessment of the progress of ESAP implementation to the Bank through regular reporting.


Monitoring Bird Migration at 200 MW Wind Farms at Gulf of Suez Egypt for Autumn 2015

  • Development of a National Carbon Market Study Submitted to the Low Emission Capacity Building Project (LECB), Egypt, in partnership with Integral Company and DeCarbon Company.


The study aimed at developing 1) a comparative study of the different mechanisms of the carbon market (carbon taxes / carbon pricing / carbon trading) and the choice of the best alternatives to suit the situation in Egypt, including the reasons for selecting this alternative, 2) a conceptualization of the institutional framework of the system required for the carbon taxes / carbon pricing / emissions trading and the participating parties, along with their roles in the system from government and private sectors, 3) a framework on how to implement the selected alternative and to study its economic and social impacts, 4) a roadmap to update the required the legal and legislative framework and the criteria required for the environmental impact assessment studies, and 5) Measurement, Reporting and Verification  system(MRV) for the reduction achieved. These results were presented in a series of workshops, where the relevant stakeholders were present.

  • Environmental Compliance Plan, Gemsa Petroleum Company (Gempetco), Gemsa and Zafarana Areas.


  • Water Quality and Marine Species Study, Sokhna Port Basins, DP World


  • Air Dispersion Model study for Alexandria Carbon Black Company


  • Precautions of Sulfur Handling Report DP World Sokhna Port Company.


  • Revision of Environmental Impact Assessment studies for Suez Canal Economic Zone       (Ex: Orchid for Ceramics and Porcelain Company, Category C, Engineering Company for Containers Adebia Port, Category B Geo-cycle Company for waste recycling to be transformed to Alternative Fuel, Scoped EIA and Dayun for Motorcycles production, Scoped EIA…..)


  • Studying of Termination of Random Landfill (Nousir Sons) for Sohag Governorate, Egypt.

Concrete Crushing & Recycling