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Fatma Abou Shouk,PhD

Chairman of AMEASTER for Environmental Consultancies and Services and Vice President of AMEASTER for Shipping and Trading. She Has PhD in Public Health, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University.

She has more than 35 years of experience in the fields of environmental management, environmental impact assessment, sustainable development and pollution abatement, in addition to the supervision of key donor funded projects. Dr. Abou Shouk has spent around 20 years in the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2012. Throughout this period, she has been supervising the key environmental projects funded by the donor community.

Environmental Certified Consultant in the fields of management of hazardous material and wasters, EIA development and reviews, chemicals and wastes management.

Executive Manager


Eng. Salah Abdo 

Executive Director of AMEASTER for Environmental Consultancies and Services.  He holds a BSc in Chemistry and BSc in Military Sciences. Has more than 30 years of experience in industrial processes and drainage. He has received extensive training courses worldwide on the operation and use of precision analytical devices in addition to processing industrial drainage.

Manager, Environmental Management Department

Chem. Mohamed Meslhy

holds Bachelor of Science in Chemistry & Physics, 1998. He has Over 20 years of professional experience in environmental management, natural resources Conservation, integrated coastal zone management, management of land- based sources of Pollution, integrated basin management of for Lake Environment, Environmental Impact Assessment. He has been involved in developing and finalizing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies particularly those addressed to tourism and industrial sector, in addition to CAP models and monitoring programs.  

He holds the position of EIA Department Manager at Ameaster for Environmental and Consultancies Services LtD Company since 2017. Previously he was the Manager of International Water– Alexandria Coastal Zone Management Project – which was being executed the GEF /World Bank. Before his position at the World Bank, he had been the Manager of the EIA Department for Tourism Projects in the Egyptian Coastal Areas at the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, the implementing arm of the Egyptian Ministry of Environment. Therefore, Chem. El-Ghazawy was the Governmental Counter Part for the Project of Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Egyptian North Western Coast between Matrouh and El Sallum, that was developed by IH Cantabria and funded by Spain.Chem. Mohamed El-Ghazawy is also contributed to the development of the National Strategy for Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Egypt

Alex Branch Director
Eng. Hoda Mostafa 

Eng. Hoda has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of environmental management, environmental impact assessment & Environmental Inspection

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