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AMEASTER for Environmental Consultancies and Services Welcomes You

Together for Better Environment and Future




AMEASTER was established in the Arab Republic of Egypt in 1980 as a specialised Shipping and Trading Company. AMEASTER has branches across Egypt (Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said and Suez) as well as agents abroad.

In 2014, a specialised sector in the areas of Environmental Consultancies and Services was added to the company.

In 2016, AMEASTER for Environmental Consultancies and Services was established as an independent company, to enable the sector's team to continue its success achieved through 2014-2016.

AMEASTER for Environmental Consultancies and Services

AMEASTER offers services and consultancies to fulfil requirements of all activities of public and private sectors, international organisations and civil society organisations at best quality and techniques in the fields of sustainable development and protection of natural resources.

AMEASTER involves distinguished team of professional and technical experts and consultants certified in many disciplines. The sector also collaborates with several universities, research centres and accredited laboratories to provide outstanding consultancy and services.

AMEASTER strives to attain a global rank as a leading company, providing consultancy services in the domain of sustainable development and protection of natural resources through its regional and international partnership



  • Preparation and review of environmental impact assessment studies for all development sectors (industrial, petroleum, tourism, infrastructure, agriculture…etc.). 

  • Development of social and economic studies.

  • Development of environmental compliance plans, in addition to the achievement of environmental compliance for establishments and follow-up on its implementation.

  • Reviewing and modifying companies' environmental records, as well as hazardous wastes and substances records

  • Collection, transport and safe disposal of solid, liquid and hazardous wastes.

  • Collection and transportation of oil and gas wastes resulting from oil and gas extraction.

  • Renewable energy projects.

  • Environmental awareness and education.

  • Building institutional capacity. (training in all fields).

  • Contribute to solving environmental problems in the establishments.

  • Planning and follow-up on the implementation of environmental projects.

  • Public participation for tackling environmental problems and crises.

  • Development of plans that encounter crises and disasters.

  • Environmental audit for all development sectors.

  • Identify the pollution points in the facilities, as well as participate in reducing it.

  • Environmental risk assessment and reduction for the industrial projects.


  • To provide an excellent array of services in the areas of environmental consultancy and services.

  • To build partnership with its customers and prioritise their interests and needs at the forefront of priorities.

  • To provide the best practical and scientific solutions, using optimum scientific methods and modern techniques to protect natural resources, taking into account the economic aspects and objectives of each entity separately.

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Contact Us

Main Office: Misr Lel Tamir Towers No. 5 - first floor -Zahraa El Maadi Street

Tele: 02 25174701/2 - 02 25175738/9 - 02 27058564

Fax: 02 25170061

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